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This type of service may be a choice for a couple who have been married in their country. We will then require a copy of the marriage certificate issued by the representatives of their own religious belief, as it is Indonesian Law to always perform a Religious Ceremony before the Civil Ceremony.

A Religious Ceremony MUST be performed before a Civil Ceremony. Therefore for those who have already been legally married in their country but wish to exchange their vows or even renew their vows, this may be the type of service required. It is important to note that Indonesia will marry any couple who hold one of the 5 religions recognized by this country (Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhism) and prefer that the couple is of the same religious belief. The Religious Ceremony is performed by a Representative of the couple’s own religious belief i.e.: Protestant couple may not have a Hindu Ceremony.

A Priest or a Celebrant will conduct the re-declaration of the wedding vows which is performed in this kind of ceremony The process is not much different than a Religious Ceremony and there will be a Certificate issued by the Church at the end of the arrangement if the couple requested it, if the couple do not request a Certificate from the Church then a notification from the organizer can be an alternative.

Many couples who are ALREADY LEGALLY MARRIED or for some reason don’t wish to be legally married in Bali but do wish to experience a Balinese Ceremony may experience a Balinese Blessing Ceremony. ??It is important to know that this is NOT a LEGAL wedding ceremony and NO certification will be presented at the end of the ceremony. This ceremony consists of the Celebrant praying for good things such as: safety, healthy and happiness for the couple.
It takes approximately 30 minutes in total, performed by a Balinese Celebrant and an assistant who guide the couple through the ceremony. It is preferred that couples are dressed in Balinese costume.

This kind of ceremony is normally performed by a Celebrant and the purpose of this ceremony is to allow the couple to experience an unforgettable ceremony in Bali This ceremony can also be used for renewing vows or for unmarried couples wishing to make a pledge or commitment to one another for the rest of their lives.

(Religious and Civil Ceremony)
You will experience two types of ceremonies: first will be the Religious Ceremony, followed by the Civil Ceremony. The Religious Ceremony will be conducted by a Representative of the couple’s own religious belief (i.e. a Priest for Catholic, a Minister for Protestant, a Celebrant for Hindu and Buddhist and a Penghulu for Muslim). They are also required to present a “Certificate of No Impediment” or similar document ISSUED by their Consulate or Embassy Representative WITHIN Indonesia for the Civil Ceremony. Requirements to obtain “Certificate of No Impediment” will be based on the couple’s nationality. There will be two certificates presented at the end of the ceremony, one from the Church and the other from the Civil Registrar.